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Legal Analysis

I help lawyers craft winning arguments before trial and on appeal.  Lawyers confronting a novel or complex issue may benefit from a fresh perspective.  Sole practitioners and lawyers in small firms frequently need an outside viewpoint on important matters, both civil and criminal, state or federal.


My background of practical lawyering  and academic curiosity means I can suggest new approaches, policies, or strategies which might otherwise be overlooked.  Or, I can find authority to support establishing or overturning precedent. 

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11th Hour Counsel

I work with lawyers facing an upcoming trial with last-minute preparation or by serving as co-counsel at trial.  Busy lawyers with a typically crowded calendar full of cases and clients competing for their time may need backup assistance.  Whether it is a civil or  criminal case, this service is especially useful for lawyers who don't have the resources of a large law firm. 

With the client's consent, of course, I'll lessen the burden on you, allowing for a well-prepared and well-tried case, without wrecking your health or interfering with your other duties.

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