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What is a Lawyer's Lawyer?

There's nothing modest about claiming to be a lawyer's lawyer, but  there's nothing modest about having a website, either.  By "a lawyer's lawyer," I mean, first, that I find it challenging and interesting to work with other lawyers, especially on complex or novel issues.  Secondly, it means I'm not here to steal your clients.  My work can be partly or wholly in the background, reporting only to you.

Finally, "a lawyer's lawyer" means being completely professional--a lawyer whom other lawyers don't hesitate to call on for advice and assistance.  No matter where you practice in the state, or whether the matter is state or federal, I want to be a valuable resource for you.

A Profit Center

Most lawyers make their living by practicing in a few fields where laws and rules change rarely or slowly.  When a novel or complicated issue arises, it makes no economic sense for them to devote the time to in-depth legal research that quality lawyering demands.  Their livelihood depends on doing other tasks efficiently, managing their office, and marketing their services to bring in more clients.

I can help with the difficult, head-scratching issues, or undertake major projects, such as research or appeals, and do so at rates that allow you to profit from my work.  I may conclude that your work is already exhaustive and on point, and I have nothing to add.  It's even useful to know that.

Appellate Work

After  success in law school moot court, I coached moot court for years as a law professor.  On my first day as a lawyer, I argued and won a reported case in the Tennessee Supreme Court.  Not every lawyer enjoys appellate work; many admit it's not their strong suit.  The very skills that make great trial lawyers, for example, aren't effective in appellate courts.  

When I write an appellate brief, I will also argue the case for no additional charge, unless you wish to prepare for and argue it yourself.  Appellate research, brief writing, and oral argument were the most enjoyable parts of my practice before entering academia.  In fact, my first book was Appellate Litigation.  You can read my  chapters on brief writing and oral argument by clicking on the PDF files below.  (PDFs: click View, then Rotate)

For Example

As an example of the value I can bring to your case, I was recently asked to review a draft defense Brief in Support of a Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim.  This is a "bet the company" case because the plaintiff seeks millions in treble damages and penalties.

The defense failed to discuss a key sub-section of the statute.  When the plaintiff or the court raised it later, as they certainly would, the defense could respond well enough, but the sub-section supported an argument which should be anticipated, not just reacted to.  I also suggested the defense argue that the statute violates substantive due process.  The constitutional argument strengthened the brief and might allow ultimately for a Petition for Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court, when the other state law issues could go no farther than the state supreme court.

The Cost to You

After we agree in writing on the scope of my work, the fee will be based on my assessment of the time it will take to do an excellent job for you.  In most cases, the fee will be less than one-half of what you would charge your client for the effort.  (And much less than one-half of my hourly rate for walk-in clients.)  How or whether you bill your client for my work is entirely up to you.

My low overhead allows me to work for lawyers at incredibly reasonable rates.  It does not allow me to run the risk of nonpayment.  My fee is payable in advance.  In the unlikely event you are ever less than satisfied with my work, I will make every reasonable effort to address your concerns.

Satisfied Lawyers

I don't know these people, but they look pretty happy.  While I cannot guarantee results, you will be more than satisfied with the quality of my legal analysis, research and writing.  You will look as happy as these folks.  Just as you do, I rely on word-of-mouth recommendations--the best form  of advertising.  I hope you will recommend me to your friends and colleagues.

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