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This project resulted from years of ripping quotations from newspapers and magazines, usually on airplanes where my seatmates assumed I was stealing order forms for advertising pins or ever-smaller PowerPoint projectors.  You are free to browse for enjoyment or use the quotations as you like, subject to the Fair Use doctrine, of course .  Click on the download below.

    If I provided a citation, would you really look it up? OK,  then stop complaining.  –James D. Gordon, III 


Because this project would never count toward tenure, I made no effort to provide citations or annotations, although if I happened to know the purported author, I said so.  If you really need a citation, that's why God invented Google.  I cannot guarantee the quotees actually said the thing, but I am absolutely positive someone claimed the quotee said it.  However, it is also possible the claimant merely wished the quotee said it.   

 I hope you enjoy these quotations.  If you have favorites which aren't included, I am grateful for all contributions.


I proposed to bring a bill into Parliament to deprive an author who publishes a book without an index of the privilege of copyright, and, moreover to subject him for his offence to a pecuniary penalty.  –Lord John Campbell  

Appellate Courts                     Law

Bankruptcy                               Law Professors

Constitutional Law                 Law Reviews   

Contracts                                  Law School

Copyright                                  Law School Deans

Crime                                         Lawsuits

Criminal Defense                    Lawyers

Criminal Law                            Legal Ethics

Death Penalty                         Legal Writing

Email                                         Negotiation

Facts                                          Oral Argument 

Fairness                                    Precedent 

Free Speech                             [The] Socratic Method

Judges                                       U.S. Supreme Court

Juries                                         Trials


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